Only 3 steps away from glory

Hoopit is a cool and innovative app that allows you to predict in real time NBA action. It's very easy, three quick touches that won't take your attention from the game. The better you are, the more coins and achievements you collect.


Step 1

Swipe to select A team


Step 2

Select the next Player to score


Step 3

Choose next shot's location


Who Are We?

Hoopit was created by Vivala Technologies, a young and vibrant software company with considerable expertise in app design and development.

We are rooted in the gaming industry and well-versed in bringing innovative solutions to market, with additional experience in online sports-app marketing to increase the reach and success of everything we produce.

At Vivala Technologies we understand the importance of intuitive UX design, so we shape every user experience through ongoing feedback and testing.

We have the creative and technical knowledge to take iOS, Android, and Windows apps through every stage of development, from whiteboard concept to launch and beyond.

We’re a tight team of capable professionals, insatiable innovators, and creative perfectionists.

We’re self-directing and we work on our own initiative, so Hoopit was born out of the simple desire to make a great app. Who knows what we’ll think of next?

Hoopit's Blog

Hot On the Court

By  Matt Rotondo on  2019-02-01


The Houston Rockets grabbed a thrilling 114-110 over the New York Knicks on Wednesday night. This saw reigning league MVP James Harden pour in a game-best performance for 61 points on 17-of-38 shooting from the floor despite shooting 5-of-20 shooting from beyond the arc. It was easily the best bet outing for Hoopit users in the contest. Aside from his lack of efficiency from beyond the arc, Harden was highly effective at the rim in the paint going 7-of-8 from that zone of the floor. Meanwhile, three of his 3-pointers came from the top of the arc. Harden has been easily the best betting option around the league over the last month. This performance alone helped him set many milestones as he became just the third player in league history to notch 60 or more points at Madison Square Garden joining Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony. It was also his 21 straight game with at least 30 points Harden has easily been the most productive scorer in the league has continued to fill it up

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